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How are conversions measured in Bing Ads?

Bing Ads has a place in your marketing mix. Online, Bing is a small player compared to Google. But for marketers, Bing Ads is a key player. With an easy way to set up your Google Ads, Bing Ads is a great way to widen your reach or become a main player in the SEO world. However, many question whether this is a smart idea or not. Is there a marketing edge? The answer is unclear. Will Bing Ads drive more traffic to your site? Maybe not. Bing ads are a necessary part of most businesses’ marketing mix, not just something they do “as long as they’re able to”. So does the Bing attribution model work?

Microsoft advertising (Bing Ads) is a self-service PPC search advertising platform specially designed for the Bing search engine. Although it’s not the most popular search engine, Microsoft has made it easy for marketers to implement their Google Ads setup straight into the Bing platform. So, how can marketers know whether or not they should continue using Bing? Bing Ads provides a post-click model to measure conversions. This means that any conversion that happens after a click on a Bing search ad will be attributed to the campaign. However, this model does not provide insight as to why and how these customers purchased. Marketers should have marketing intelligence to understand all the touchpoints that led to a conversion. In order to truly understand if Bing ads are driving sales, marketers need better marketing intelligence.

What is marketing attribution? You’re probably asking this question because you already do it every day. Marketing attribution is the process of attributing credit to the touchpoints in a customer journey in order to identify the incremental performance of every traffic source based on its role in the customer journey. By analyzing your data, you can get actionable insights that will help you spend your marketing budget more efficiently which will create a better return on investment for your company.