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How does the ideal office look like?

How does the ideal office look like?


What makes an ideal Office? A gym, a rooftop terrace and Richard Branson. At least if you believe the research done by QHotels.


The research calls Branson the ideal leader and wants to eliminate unnecessary meetings from the day to day programme. Fitness facilities and a rooftop terrace are also high on the wish list of those surveyed, just like a massage room and a room for gaming. 



The study checked the wishes and irritattions on the British workers’ shop floor and got this:


What is an office ‘do’?

    • Fitness (44%)


    • Roof terrace (33%)


    • Massage room (27%)


    • Gaming room (26%)

Especially for young workers and young graduates the ability to do a workout together appeared to be important. 56% of respondents between 18 and 24 years indicated they would like to have a gym available in the office building. According to Claire Rowland, Head of Marketing at QHotels, a separate place to chill out is not a bad idea for companies. “leaving the normal office environment, can greatly improve the relationships in the workplace. It will also have a positive effect on productivity.”


What are office ‘don’ts’ ?

    • Pointless meetings (52%)


    • Fiddling with the Office temperature/air conditioning (29%)


    • Loud private conversations (26%)


    • Mails that are constantly sent out to the entire company (24%)


    • Colleagues who ingress your personal workspace (20%)


    • Music that is played out loud (16%)

Small detail: only 11% of those surveyed said that they are annoyed by nothing at work.


Richard Branson


Finally, plumbed to who would be the ideal employer according to the respondents. With 28% of the vote, Virgin CEO Richard Branson enjoyed the clear preference.


The rise of the new way of working clearly has an impact on the office environment. Before the financial crisis this was especially noticable in new offices, but since then there is also a change in existing office buildings. These buildings are completely transformed, both inside and outside by companies like Amos Beech office refurbishment Glasgow. With few exceptions, offices used to be dull and grey, and lit with bright artificial lighting in a modular ceiling. The work environment solely had to enable you to work and not to be a beautiful space. Think for example of the American offices with small cubicles. That is not how we would like to work today.




These days there is extensive research into the effect of the working environment on measurable performance and productivity, team bonding and error margins. It now turns out that a pleasant working environment generally has a positive effect. Actually, that makes sense of course. Employees and employers spend a large part of the week in the office. If this is then a nasty, sad or boring area, they will then go to their work with less fun. The working environment within an office, of course, is not the only factor, but one to be reckoned with.


Todays Offices


Today for many companies its is a requirement to work in an office that looks attractive, well designed and has the right interior design. In addition to this these offices need to be more than ever furnished fot the new way of agile working. The financial crisis accelerated this development rapidly, not at least because Agile Working enables a smaller office footprint for a larger amount of office workers. In some cases, meeting rooms, presentation rooms, and lunch facilities are shared with other companies.