What to do in NBA Live Mobile?

NBA Live Mobile, the free to play basketball themed app, comes with plenty of game modes for single and multiplayer. One of the most important things is taking care of the team. Team management is the feature that allows players to make changes and add improvements to their teams. They will keep coming back to this feature to customize line ups and to switch players. Team customization is an ongoing process, especially if players want to experience all NBA Live Mobile modes.

Most players decide to focus on Ultimate Team mode. This feature is great because it offers an extremely flexible way to build a team using any player. Besides squad building and collecting players, Ultimate Team also includes casual and ranked multiplayer. Friendly games or ranked matches against competitors from all over the world can be played. Those who want to stay up to date with what’s currently going on in the NBA season can try some Live Events. These NBA Live Mobile sessions can be completed pretty quickly and they’re great for when players only have a couple of minutes to spare. Season mode is also a good way to enjoy the game at an own pace. This feature allows players to take part in an entire season starting with early matches that will pave the way into finals.

Head to Head is a highly competitive NBA Live Mobile mode. All matches played in this mode are ranked so players should be properly prepared before challenging others. Players are paired up according to the Division they’re in at the moment. As they win matches and get better ranks they will move on up and compete in challenging games against top NBA Live Mobile users. Friendly matches provide a good opportunity to take a break from the competitions. Friends can challenge each other and play a couple of games just for fun. Set collection is another chance to enjoy NBA Live Mobile in a relaxed way. There are plenty of collections to be completed and the rewards are super attractive.