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Be emotionally brave

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You’ve read Peter Bregman’s book Emotional Courage and identified 5 main traits that will help you take responsibility and inspire others.

 Embrace your “dark” side

At times, everyone can lose self-control, raise their voice and insult people. Or go to other, equally unpleasant extremes. Do you have the courage to see and recognize these qualities in yourself? The ugly truth told to ourselves makes us more confident and invulnerable. After all, then you can be yourself and not hide from everyone “Mr. Hyde”. And when there is nothing to hide, you feel inner freedom and invincibility.

Be insignificant

A strong person knows how to be insignificant. He just listens. Says no and thus gives others the opportunity to be independent. Try to be small and you will see the space for personal development expand.

Show a willingness to receive feedback

Feedback is the shortest path to self-awareness. We see our “blind spots”, we begin to understand how others perceive us. Therefore, it is important to know the opinion of others in order to correct your actions and actions.

You are on the right track if … you laugh

Laughter is almost impossible to evoke when thoughts are occupied with something else. If we laugh, it means being in the moment: we are not distracted, we are not in the clouds, we are here and now. Negative emotions – anger, frustration, irritation – arise almost instantly. But to laugh, you need to be included and open.

Be strong enough to cry

It’s scary to open up, so most “extinguish” feelings in themselves. Within each of us there is a built-in navigator that indicates what is most important at the moment. Emotion management is the ability to recognize cues and be strong enough to cry. From joy or from grief.

Emotional courage is a skill for the present and the future. Read helpful books. Build your strengths. Achieve your goals.

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